Unlock Her Legs Review – Blue Print To Make Her Soaking Wet

Unlock Her Legs

In my Unlock Her Legs review also known as the (The Scrambler) by Bobby Rio & Rob Judge, I will be covering:

  • What is unlock her legs ?
  • What topics does unlock her legs Cover?
  • Benefits of unlock her legs?
  • Bonuses?
  • Verdict

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What is unlock her legs ?

You can use Unlock Her Legs program to:

  • Make her your girlfriend.
  • Turn her into a “Bang Buddy.
  • Build up a whole rotation of young hot girls you can hang out with on demand.
  • You have total control of where the relationship goes.

Unlock her legs

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The Unlock Her Legs program, is for every guy that is having difficulty with their sex life. Even if you’re in a relationship and want to get your girlfriend to explore more of YOUR sexual fantasies with you, but making it look like it’s her own idea.


Or you want to get out of a friendzone with a hot girl and you don’t know how to. Unlock her legs program will show you exactly how to make any girl beg to be your girlfriend. She will even beg to have sex with you.

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It gets to the point where the mere mention of your name will have her panties soaking wet, butterflies in her stomach and send a shiver down her spine. Until she’s flooded with one single thought.


Unlock Her Legs is based on little mind game called “The Scrambler” that has the power to make a girl chase you- even if she wasn’t attracted to you to begin with.Unlock her legs


It’s a sneaky mind game that allows you to basically “scramble” a girl’s brain until she’s down on her knees begging to be your girlfriend.

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What topics does unlock her legs Cover?

Unlock Her Legs covers 10 intensive modules on, sex, relationships, and female psychology and a lot more. Here are few of them, i would like to point out;

Module 1: thinking counter Intuitively and garbage time;

  • To introduce everything you’re going to learn in the video module section and the L.U.S.T. system for how to unlock her legs reviewput the Unlock course into action, Bobby and Rob explain the absolute importance of thinking “counter-intuitively.” Because this isn’t the way most guys think (due to how we’re all raised), it’s very important to understand why the “counter-intuitive approach” works so well.

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Module 2: Logical Versus emotional and the boyfriend trap;

  • Another major problem most guys run into when interacting with attractive women is getting too logical. Trying to “prove” how good of a match you are for a woman will do nothing for you in the long run. Often guys get hung up on logical reasons why a woman should like them, and this is why most guys aren’t with the girls they really like.

When it comes to attraction, women ONLY respond to emotions. Thus, the only way to influence a woman’s behavior is by engaging her on an emotional level. This sounds simple, but most men simply don’t get it. (Click Here To Learn How )

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Module 3: Riffing and flirting Attraction under the rader;

  • Now that the mindsets and attitudes have been introduced in Module 1 & 2, there first step of the L.U.S.T. system is revealed: getting her laughing.
  • However, as Rob explains, this isn’t meant to be a comedy routine or a joke-telling session. Instead, the sort of laughter that is attractive is that which comes as a reaction to TENSION. For the purposes of this course, this sort of humor is referred to as “social humor.”
  • Much of social humor simply depends on trying attention to the situation. Rob offers some very quick and easy examples that you can apply the next time you have a woman in front of you.
  • Knowing how to use social humor to your advantage is an invaluable skill to have because you can constantly elicit a woman’s emotions. In the early stages of an interaction, laughter and flirtatiousness are the emotions you want to a woman to feel. ( Click Here To Learn How )


Module 4: Taking it to a sexual level … Mental priming;

  • Thus, taking things to a physical level almost seems like a paradoxical challenge: damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Luckily, there’s a solution to this dilemma: Mental priming. This concept leads right into the S of the L.U.S.T. timeline, which is SEXUALIZING.
  • Rob and Bobby introduce the various ways to slowly “turn up the volume knob” of sexual escalation so that a woman is anticipating and expecting you to make a move.

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Benefits of unlock her legs?

You will Discover The #1 Secret To Getting A Female Friend To Make The First Move…

  • Why girls quickly get bored with you- And how to turn being with you into a soap opera she can’t turn away from.


  • Exactly How To Handle The Crucial “Make Or Break” First Five Minutes Of Meeting Up With Her. This Is When She Decides If She’s Going To Sleep With You Or Turn Her Cheek And Give You The “Let’s Just Be Friends Speech”


  • 3 Simple “Power Plays” That Position You As The Prize. And Makes Sure The Date Ends With Her Back At Your Place.



  • Secret Signs She Sends When She Likes You- Chances are you’re missing key signs she’s sending you and missing golden opportunities to make your move.

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There Is more..

  • How to deal with a girl who’s not responding to your messages, how to use the right “bait” to reel back in a girl who got away.
  • How to subtly plant the idea of sleeping with you in her mind. you’ll learn a series of questions you can ask her that get her thinking about sex with you.
  • The Complete “Rules Of Engagement” To Avoid Appearing Needy, Try Hard, Or Mistakenly Handing Her The Upper Hand.
  • Territory And Eliminate Any Possible “Friend Zone” Objections That Might Come Up Later.
  • Quickly Move The Conversation Towards Sexual.
  • Skyrocket The Sexual Tension A Girl Feels When She’s Around You.
  • How To Get Her To Admit Things To You That Bond The Two Of You So Close Together That She’ll Start Missing You The Second You Leave Her Side.
  • The only way you should be asking a girl out on a date: There is no risk of rejection when you use this technique.relationship books



Unlock Her Legs Bonus cover-1BONUS 1: Invisible Escalation.

Explains how to supercharge the sexual tension a girl feels when she’s around you. You’ll tap into a little known secret about “sexual electricity” that very few men know about. That you can use to drive her wild.



Unlock Her Legs Bonus cover-2BONUS 2: She’s Sending You Signals.

Discover every hidden signal she’s sending you. This report will give you the power to practically read her mind. You’ll learn how to decode even the most hard to read girls.

Never miss an opportunity to make your move. And never again feel confused or frustrated because you can’t read her signals.


Unlock Her Legs Bonus cover-3BONUS 3: The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence:

Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence can be used on a girl who has a boyfriend and will have her rushing into your arms and realizing that he doesn’t compare to you.

You’ll learn how to take over her mind and lead her towards leaving him (without her ever knowing what you’re doing).

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Unlock Her Legs Bonus cover-4BONUS 4: The Magnetic Effect Pattern:

This is a specific pattern of text messages you can use on a female friend to catapult you out of the friend zone, and take complete control of the relationship. This sneaky little sequence will “re-negotiate” the terms of your relationship without her ever knowing what just happened.



Unlock Her Legs Bonus cover-5BONUS 5: Her Erogenous Zones:

This report will teach you everything you need to know to ensure that you’re the best she’s ever had in bed. She’ll begin craving you inside her and wouldn’t even dream about sleeping with another guy.




Unlock Her Legs Bonus cover-6BONUS 6: Dirty Dozen: 12 Conversation That Will Make Her Fall in Love:

Here are our 12 favorite topics you can sneak into a conversation that will have feeling like she’s falling in love with you.

She’ll go home later that night feeling like she’s connected with you deeper than anyone else in her life.

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I cant emphasize enough how Unlock Her Legs, is a great program that has helped thousands on men just like you.

I would really recommend you get Unlock Her Legs Program. i can guarantee you’d see results as long as you follow every step in the Unlock Her Legs guide.

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unlock her legs review

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