Signs you are slowly killing your relationship



A perfect relationship will require work from both of you. Sometimes, everything may be going well in your relationship However, on other occasions there will be challenges that will affect the relationship; there will be times when the both on you might feel as though the relationship is dying. Sometimes external factors will contribute to the demise of a relationship, but on other occasions both of you are the leading cause for the failing relationship. Here are some signs that you are contributing to the death of your relationship.Signs you are slowly killing your relationship


We all have expectations when we get into a committed relationship. In most cases, those expectations can remain or change. Expectations are natural, but when they are not properly communicated with your partner, those unmet expectations will cause issues in your relationship. Expectations can include what is expected sexually, emotionally or even financially. It is real simply – if your partner is unaware of your expectations, it would be difficult for them to really understand what you are going through. Unmet expectations can lead to different types of abuse in your relationship. This is a sure recipe for killing your relationship; so find the time to talk about all your expectations with your partner.


The key to resolving issues from a past relationship is to forgive, forget and learn from whatever happened in those past relationships. It is never a good idea to bring over baggage from a previous relationship into your current relationship. Everyone is different, however sometimes your partner may display actions or says something that may remind you of your past relationship; it is important to not compare your current partner with your past partners. This type of action will stir up feelings of insecurity and will slowly kill your relationship. Always have an open conversations about what you do or do not like in terms of what your partner have done or said.Signs you are slowly killing your relationship


120x600bannerArguments and disagreements are inevitable in any relationship. When emotions are high and there is a need for someone to “win” the argument, things can be said that can have lasting effects, even long after the argument. The key to communicating in a relationship is to highlight the behavior or comment you do not like and to express how that comment or action made you feel. Calling your partners names and seeking to making them feel less in the process is not a healthy way of communicating. Emotional manipulation or even the silent treatments are sure signs that you are contributing to the death of your relationship. Remember no one wants to be in a verbally abusive relationship.


Unless we know otherwise, we all want to be in a committed monogamous relationship. Being in a relationship requires trust, since we will not always be in the same space as our partners. If there are signs of cheating that concern you, the first thing is to talk about it with your partner. It is not healthy to first accuse your partner of cheating. Your partner should be given an opportunity to explain any suspicious behavior or rumors. A wrongly accused partner, who is subjected to daily scrutiny, searches and emotionally bullying will quickly feel that the trust and confidence have been significantly eroded and may decide to leave the relationship.


It is sometimes very hard for those in a relationship and in particular, those perpetrating certain actions to realize that the relationship is dying and that their actions are the cause. Evaluate your relationship today and try to communicate and deal with the issues without casting a death penalty on your relationship.


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