10 Signs Of True Love From A Man That Guarantees Your Peace Of Mind

Signs Of True Love From A Man10 Signs Of True Love From A Man That Every Lady Ought To Know

We all have ideas of what love should look like, feel like and sound like. Why is it so difficult to know if a guy truly loves you? Romantic novels and movies have really influenced our ideas on love and we often tend to miss the real thing when it’s staring us right in the face.

Love is beautiful, but at the same time scary.


Terrible experiences in previous relationships have also allowed you to build up walls and become more cautious of giving or receiving love.

You could get lost in the process of trying to be careful before falling in love and in turn, lose focus of the relationship.

A lot of us don’t want to get hurt, and as a result, we always keep our guards up.


Truth is, love is sometimes tricky and comes in different ways depending on the guy. A guy could be in love and not say it, and a guy could say he loves you a thousand times and not mean it.

Most times, you are stuck in a web of negative thoughts instead of building a connection with him and this could keep you from what you really want…his love.

Here are a few signs that could help you know if he is truly in love or not.


  • He’s never too busy

When a man loves you, he will make you his priority. Even when he has other commitments to attend to, he will definitely let you know about it.

Everyone has busy schedules; whether it’s work or school. But he will always keep you informed and he will always have time for you.


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  • He shows genuine interest

  1. Not only interested in getting to know you, but also your family and friends.
  2. He wants to be an important part of your life.
  3. Makes efforts to impress members of your family and your close friends.
  4. He is interested in your hobbies, lifestyle, and passion, and supports you in any way he can.
  5. Also, he wants you to be a part of his life.
  6. He wants you to meet his family and be friends with his close pals.
  7. Constantly lets you know about his plans of a future with you in it.


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  • He notices you

  1. Pays close attention to things about you (even some you don’t take notice of!).
  2. Notices your expressions, interactions with other people and how you think and react to situations.
  3. He is interested in every little detail and he appreciates you for who you are.
  4. It is really not about him loving the way you make him feel, but him loving every part of you the way you are.
  5. He really sees you and he will let you know when you are not being yourself.


  • How he looks at you

signs of true love from a man

Even when you are seated beside each other, he looks at you and cannot help himself but stare.

He does not look at you with lust or desire. Instead, he looks at you with awe and calmness. He knows you are special and you can see it in his eyes.


  • He gives

Giving is not about material possessions only. When he loves you, he knows you deserve the best.

He will give you the best of himself. He will do things that will make you happy. When it comes to material things, he will give what he can to improve your life.

He will make efforts to lift certain burdens off shoulders when he can. Love is about giving, not just receiving. It is not just a word; love is an action as well.


  • He makes you happy

If he loves you, your happiness will be important to him. He will do what he can to keep you happy. Real love is happiness.

Whenever he notices or you tell him something that makes you unhappy, he will do his best to change or avoid such things.


  • He communicates

You never have to worry about doing something wrong or something he does not like. If a man loves you, he will let you know how he feels.what men secretly want PROGRAM

You won’t be in the dark when it comes to important issues in his life. You will know when he is sad and what brings him down.

He will let you know how he feels about certain things and you will know if you have done something to offend him.

And will always communicate and never push you out.


  • He will be there for you

Even when things are not convenient for him, he will always find a way around just to be here when you need him.

You will always be important to him during the good and the bad times. When there is a problem, he will show selflessness and be there for the woman he loves.


  • He misses you

It is really lovely when he acts sweet and caring around you, but what about times when you are away from each other?

Does he go days, weeks or months without reaching out?

Does he make up excuses or show less effort to meet up when you have been away for a while?

If he loves you he will always stay in touch. He’ll send you funny pictures, videos or posts that he finds online just to make you smile while you’re apart.

He will call you just to tell a joke, basically, he will try to fill up the space distance may have created. A man usually falls in love in a woman’s absence and not in her presence.


  • He won’t leave you hanging

When a man loves you, he will always find a way to keep you in the loop. He wants you in his life and he will make sure you feel like a part of it.

Simple things like telling you he’ll be a little late to the movies because of a client at work or he needs to get a quick haircut. Even when it is not necessarily a big deal, he will always keep you informed.


Honestly, there is no need for fear or anxiety when you are in a relationship. Relax, let it flow and enjoy the ride.

Allow yourself to observe the signals he sends your way, because most times we cannot tell genuine love because we are so uptight.

If he loves you it’ll show and you won’t need a genie to know!