My Wife Won’t Have Sex With Me – Here Is How I Revived Her Drive For Sex

my wife won t have sex with meMy Wife Won’t Have Sex With Me. Here Is How I Revived Her Drive And Made Her Fall In “Lust” Again.

Sex is an essential part of life, especially in marriage. It is a gift that is meant to be enjoyed. It must feel frustrating to have it taken away by your wife (the one person you’re supposed to enjoy it with).

I will admit that sex is give and take, but if you keep giving and get nothing in return, you’ll get tired at some point. Some men actually give up on making passes to their wives all the time and sometimes turn to extra marital affairs.


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Some wives find it difficult to initiate sex due to experiences with sexual abuse in their past. If that is case, a whole lot of trust and patience is needed because she is afraid.

If that is not the case, it is quite a selfish attitude or maybe you need to check yourself as a husband. Maybe she’s still waiting for you to stop being a buy and become the man she married.


You’d be wrong to think it’s a “woman thing” to not like sex as much as men do. Women love sex but many men still can’t understand why they’re not getting any. Please, don’t give up yet. There are tons of reasons why your wife won’t have sex with you and you can fix them!


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  • She’s tired

Be helpful in and out of the house. It doesn’t matter if she’s a housewife or not, you need to help her lift some domestic weight off her shoulders.

Take out the trash, keep the living room tidy, go to the grocery store and do other little chores around the house so she doesn’t have to worry about every single thing.

You are both raising a family together and it is your responsibility just as much as it is hers to keep the home. If she is tired from all the running around, there won’t be any strength left in her for sex.

So, dear husbands, if you want more sex you have to find a way to give your wife less stress and more sleep.



  • You don’t listen to her

Your wife does not want to feel like the things she is useful for are centered on child bearing and house chores.

Make her feel more important by listening to her. Talk to her about her dreams and ambition while cuddling in bed. Ask her about her day at work after a soft kiss on her forehead.

Make her feel like she can add value to your life other than sex. She will be turned on by how much attention you are paying on her well-being.


  • She doesn’t feel appreciated

Everyone loves to feel appreciated. When you thank her for the little things, she’ll be happy to do much more.

Your wife gets tired from all the responsibilities that come with marriage and motherhood. Yes, there are lots of good times and happy faces, but there are also cellulite, post birth stretch marks and sleepless nights.

Appreciate her for the food, the clean home, the beautiful kids and the smiles. Thank her for the dreams she put on hold so she could raise a family with you. These little acts of gratitude are the love and romance she needs to get the hots for you.


  • You don’t take her out

Spoil her a little from time to time. Remind her she’ll always be your number one baby girl. Take her shopping when you can.

Plan date nights and weekend trips for her. You don’t have to break the bank to please your wife. Try taking her to the movies, the museum or just a stroll around town.

Making out in the car on your way put is a great way to start and a few more adventurous places will help put your sex life back on track.


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  • She needs space

Your wife needs room to breathe and relax. Sometimes she loses herself in between work and domestic chores.

Women are different; while some relax by spending time with family, others prefer to go for spa treatment or just go for a walk alone.

Allow her to escape. This will help her miss you and she’ll be glad to be home after having her alone time. She will be relaxed and up for some fun time with you 😉


  • She isn’t happy with herself

If a woman doesn’t love the way she looks, she won’t find herself attractive enough to give her man a good time.

Help her feel better about her body. Tell her she looks beautiful every day, compliment her figure and encourage her to keep fit and stay healthy.

A lot of women are not happy in their own skin and if you don’t speak up she’ll think you’re not happy too. Give your wife the confidence she needs to rock your world.


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  • No foreplay

Dear husbands, there is nothing sexy about rushing straight to sex (except it’s a quickie of course!). Women need to feel certain types of ways in order for them to set into the mood for sex.

Sex is more enjoyable for women when good foreplay has been done.

Understand her body and know the spots that turn her on the most. Do not be shy to try new things and be in control.


  • No connection

Women need to connect on an emotional level before willing to connect on a physical level. Your wife will not want or enjoy sex without any emotional connection and I’m not talking about orgasms here. 

Don’t try to get all touchy an hour before sex! If you want more sex, your job is to build a strong emotional connection with your wife.


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  • Pending issues

If there are any unresolved problems between you and your wife, don’t expect sex. Make up sex will only happen after these issues have been successfully resolved.

Why? Women sometimes think men feel like sex is an indication that everything is alright. So she doesn’t want you thinking things are fine when they are not.

If you can prove to her other otherwise, she won’t mind enjoying sex with you as long as you are willing to resolve the issues later.

Good Luck 😉


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