Magnetic Messaging Review By Bobby Rio and Rob Judge

Hi, before you purchase Magnetic Messaging: 3 Texts To Fast-Track Action by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. I’d suggest you take a few mins of your time and read my short detailed review.  And also, how you can access Magnetic Messaging and it all bonuses FREE.

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Magnetic Messaging

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In my Magnetic Messaging review i will be covering:

  1. Magnetic Messaging program details?
  2. What Is Magnetic Messaging and what topics does it Cover?
  3. Bonuses?
  4. Benefits?
  5. Verdict

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Magnetic Messaging program details.

Magnetic Messaging reviewProduct Name: Magnetic Messaging.
Author: Bobby Rio and Rob Judge.
Official website: Magnetic Messaging Website.
Excellent For: Men.
Bonuses: Attraction Magnets Report, Rejection Proof, Rockstar Speech, 3 Keys to Getting Laid TONIGHT, From Ex to Next.
Access Method: Instant Digital Downloadable & Online Access.

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What is Magnetic Messaging and what topics does it Cover?

What is Magnetic Messaging: Magnetic Messaging review

Magnetic Messaging system shows you exactly how to craft “Magnetic” Messages precisely. The type of messages that gets any woman’s heart racing with excitement.

 Helps you text your way out of any friendzone, no matter how deep.

Shatter to pieces all other messages she gets from other guys. Connects with her without wasting no time. The kind of Messages she will be eagerly waiting and wondering what you’re going to message her next.

Magnetic Messaging system allows you to quickly and easily pull the trigger and get any beautiful woman out, close the deal and get her back to your bedroom.

I bet you can imagine the kind of power you’re about to be exposed to. This program will make you an alpha male amongst men.

Not only does this program boosts confidence, it also packed with step by step instruction and word for word examples that guides you.

It’s like having hidden super powers that only dates continuous hot and beautiful ladies, just because of using the Magnetic Messaging program, to master the art of subtle seduction messages that draws hot women towards you.

Instead of scaring them away. Or  even worst getting your messages posted online to be ridiculed.

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What topics does it Magnetic Messaging Covers?

Magnetic Messaging is more than just a messaging program. It covers a much broader topics. It goes in to answer the most avoided questions about women psychology. Even gives you a much deeper understanding, that helps you score with any woman you meet.

And the best part of it is that, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge made it fun and easy to understand. Using words like “Pizza” to make it enjoyable for you, nothing complicated.  Everyone who reads it would hit a Home-run back to back with any hot lady.

Just like Pizza: The Three Ingredients of Attractive Phone Use.

  • Sparking Emotions.
    Making Connections.
    Handling Logistics.
    The Three Ingredients Further Defined.
    Sparking an Emotion: Stand Out with Language.
    Making Connections: Be Specific.
    Handling Logistics: Ask—and Ask Well.
    When and How Much: Phases of a Textship.

First Text: Stick to the Formula.

  • When to Text and What to Expect.
    First Text Blues: Troubleshooting the First Text.
    “Who is this?” How to Respond.
    “What Do You Look Like?” How to Proceed.
    Meeting Up With Her: The Key-lock Sequence.
    Avoid Becoming Her New “Texting Buddy”.
    The Key-Lock Sequence—Key-Turn-Push.
    If She’s Difficult: Getting Out Flaky and Unresponsive Girls.
    What if She Doesn’t Respond.
    Low Interest: How to Get Her Excited for a Date.
    Some Interest: Getting More of a Connection.
    Overcoming Time: How to Revive an Old Number.

Keeping It Sexual: How to Heat Things Up Over the Phone.

  • How to Begin Sexting.
    Bringing Up Threesomes.
    Getting Her to Send Naked Pictures.
    Keeping It Real: How to Bring Your Relationship to Life.
    Texting a Girl You Just Slept With.
    Bantering with Her: The Art of Bullshitting.
    Compliment in an Attractive Way.
    How to Create Anticipation.
    How to be Funny.
    Genuine Compliments.

These are just the few of the topics inside the Magnetic Messaging program.

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Bonuses Inside The Magnetic Messaging Program

Magnetic Messaging reviewFirst Big Bonus :  “The Infatuation Formula”

The Infatuation formula is a special “Emotional Cocktail” you can give a woman to make her fall in love with you. Even if you’re stuck in the deepest friendzone with her (Friendzone Level 1000X).

You’ll become the guy that she must have. (This Special Dose of Emotional cocktail can even be used to create your own personal “fan club” of women waiting for their chance with you.)

In the Infatuation formula you’ll learn:

  • How to get women “emotionally addicted” to be around you.
  • Ways to make yourself “Enchanting” to any woman you come close to.
  • You’d also learn “The Butterfly Effect” How to make sure she gets butterflies every time she sees you.
  • The Infatuation Formula is one of the most advanced program ever released.
  • The value of this video program is $79 but you get it free when you order Magnetic Messaging.


Magnetic Messaging reviewSecond Big Bonus: The Magnetic Mastermind Kit.

It’s a 30 days free trial inside Magnetic Mastermind Kit. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • An in-depth video analysis of text transcripts so you can learn by watching Bobby Rio and Rob Judge live “Doctor Up” ordinary messages and (make them magnetic).
  • Advanced Strategies and Techniques to fast-track seduction. You’ll be get the most advanced stuff directly from Bobby Rio and Rob Judge.
  • The Player’s Cookbook: The world’s biggest players share their “secrets” for dominating various social scenes (you’ll hear from frat guys, corporate types, club promoters- this really is a mastermind).



Magnetic Messaging reviewThird Big Bonus:  The 99 Best Texts of All Time.

Inside The 99 Best Texts of All Time you’ll discover:

  • The best text that put a smile on her face and has thinking of you for the rest of the day (the Day After You First Meet Her)
  • Effective Texts For getting Her to  respond (even if she’s been MIA).
  • Sneaky Texts for getting Sexual And Making it Seem Like SHE started it.

No need to struggle for hours trying to craft the perfect message. Just flip through The 99 Best Texts of All Time and Steal One of These.



Some Of The Benefits Of Magnetic Messaging

  • How to respond to the “who is this?” text.
  • The only way to answer the “what do you look like?” text.
  • Best way to handle when she doesn’t respond.
  • Plus 3 ways to combat the “I’m sick, I’m tired, or “I have work” excuse.
  • What to text her before the day of the date.
  • Reignite and old number.
  • Flake Buster” Texts that ensure she won’t flake the day of the date..
  • Simple texts to get her chasing you.
  • The right way to be funny over texts.
  • Learn how to shift gears and transition into more flirty dialogue(while making it seem like it was her idea).
  • How soon to text a girl after your first date.
  • When to text a girl once you sleep with her.
  • How to drop sexual words into your messages to make her horny.
  • Heat things up over the phone and start sexting.
  • Get a girl to send you naked pictures of herself.
  • The Threesome Text: Talk your girl into a threesome with a few simple text messages.


Final Verdict.

If this Magnetic Messaging program doesnʼt help you attract all the single hot women you can handle, you can get all your money back with no questions asked. Go ahead and order right now and youʼll get access to the program in just a few minutes. You literally have nothing to lose.

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