How to text a girl you like and make her love you

How to text a girl you like

How To Text A Girl You Like To Make Her Love You.

Personally, I never really liked texting girls I was crushing on. I thought it was risky and it made the girl think I was shy. I failed miserably at texting and sometimes I’d end up pissing the girl off (mostly due to misunderstood messages). As time went by, I began to appreciate the advantages that came along with texting and gradually got better at it. 

Talking to a girl in person (especially for the first few times) could put a lot of pressure on you. A lot of distractions come with talking to her in person; people will stare, cuter guys may be lurking around, her friends may laugh or gossip and this could totally ruin your game. In texting, you don’t have all these social pressures and distractions. You have a chance to charm her and the best part is it’s just the two of you!

These tips will up your texting game and give you a more charming demeanor. 

• Just text her.

There’s a rule that says you have to wait a couple of days before you text a girl, well, that’s bull! If she’s attractive, it’ll only take a few days for another dude to sweep her off her feet so you better move fast. In fact, she might have forgotten about you while you’re busy counting days and not texting her. Just don’t wait too long to text a girl you like.

• Be interesting.

A good conversation will make you fun an interesting. Start your texts with a casual but catchy hook. Don’t be too generic or boring. Dump the “hey, how are you?” texts. Be more creative with the lines you use to initiate a conversation.
For example: “I bet my day could kick your day’s ass!” (Read: Language of lust)

• Be genuine.

Charm her with your wit and not any form of pretense. Every time you text her tell her something she probably didn’t know before. Make it cool and simple, but catchy and fun. Find out things about her and interest her with stuff she actually likes. If you say something wrong or she misunderstands any of your jokes, be a gentleman and apologize. Your transparency and originality are essential when texting a girl you like.  

• Good grammar.

Always take your time to construct grammatically correct sentences. One of the advantages of texting is that you can think and correct your statements before sending them. Avoid using complex vocabulary. Make good use of punctuation marks, apostrophe and capitalization. Make your texts easy to read and understand.

• Get to know her.

When you’re texting, she needs to believe you are interested in getting to know her. Ask her simple questions and you’ll realize girls love to talk about themselves in one little way or another. This way you’ll find out a lot about her than you could imagine and she’ll also be interested in knowing you too.

• Stay calm.

A lot of guys make the mistake of bombarding a girl with too many questions. Texting too frequently or not waiting for her response before asking another question could make you come across as too eager without you even noticing it. Be cool, don’t force it.

• Understand her style.

You should always take note of her texting style. Know if she’s sweet and cute or friendly and mature. The best way to keep her interested is to match her vibe. For example, do not use a lot of emoticons if she does not do the same. If she’s the shy type try to bring her out of her shell, but don’t push too hard.

• Be entertaining.

Girls love to laugh, so try to make as many fun memories as you can. Give her a cute nick name. Make fun of yourself once in a while. Text her funny quotes and pictures. Keep her entertained all the time.

• Be sensitive.

Conversations are better when you ask questions, but never ask too many personal questions. Exclude asking too many questions about her past relationships, family feuds and former friendships. At this stage, you should only be concerned about her and no other private aspects of her life.

• Show you care.

If you like a girl it is very important to show her that you care. Remembering little details from previous texts is an easy way to figure out things about her. She could have mentioned studying for a test or going to see the dentist about a week ago.
For example, texting “How was your trip to the dentist?” out of the blues will give her the impression that you are a good listener.

• Make her feel special.

Tell her she’s always on your mind and let her know how she has made you a better person. Stroke her ego. From time to time, remind her that she is beautiful, kind and smart. Tell her things about her that makes her different from other girls.
For example, “You have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.”

• Flirt with her.

Occasionally, try to send her flirty text messages. When she’s talking about herself you could chip in a little flirty text. Do not flirt with her all the time, it could be a major turn-off and you wouldn’t want to seem like a pest. The “wink” emoticon should be used occasionally when flirting over texts.

• Be engaging.

Find a common interest. A band or TV series you both like is great for keeping the conversation smooth and interesting. Talk about things you are passionate about, such as basketball or painting. Find out details about things she’s passionate about and use them to your advantage when texting her.

• Be time conscious.

Know when it’s time to end the conversation. She might send signals like one word replies or extremely late replies. It could mean she’s busy or not interested anymore. Take the hint and end the conversation. Be a gentleman and respect her decision to stop texting you. Do not try to get an explanation from her.

• Know when to stop.

If you have been texting a girl for a few days or weeks, and you are not getting any positive vibes from her just let it go. Do not be a pest and text her all the time, especially when she has shown no interest. Know when it’s time to move on and let go.

Good luck!

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