how to make him fall in love

how to make him fall in love

A 9 Step Guide To Make A Man Fall In Love With You.

Sometimes understanding men can get as difficult as understanding women. Especially when it comes to love, there’s no special formula that will ensure you make someone fall in love with you. But there are some tricks that may facilitate your endeavors, and eventually make that happen. After all, it’s all about how the person next to us makes us feel. 

So if there’s anything you should learn – it is the male psychology. But this topic is much more complex than you might think at a first glance. The truth is that a woman is endowed with an incredible gift of charming by the way she looks, by the way she moves, by the way she speaks, dresses up, and most importantly, loves. But in today’s hectic modern world, you may need to activate your charm just like activating a chakra in the Buddhist philosophy can bring happiness and abundance into your life. 

If you’re a lonely woman desperately looking for love. If you’ve been trying hard to get the man of your dreams but always seemed to fail. If you feel that you’re missing something important such as the attraction element. And ultimately, if you want to make him want you now, – then the following 9-step guide is going to be all you need to embark on this journey and reach your relationship goals.   

1. Be Genuine. Be You.  (How to make him fall in love)

There’s nothing more important to a man than a genuine woman who doesn’t put on masks to get him into her life by any means. Ultimately, it’s all about the connection you build right from the start which may have the potential to turn into a lifelong necessity for the comfort of the soul and mind. You might have never thought of it before, but comfort to a man is pretty much everything! Read, what a man wants in a woman

2. Eye Contact.

Body language signals are extremely important when trying to attract the man you want into your life. Eye contact is much like a signal you send to a man letting him know that you find him appealing and that you’re open for a nurturing exchange of sympathy. But don’t stare! Make it quick, subtle, and at the same time, sexy.

3. Laughter is attractive.

If this statement alone doesn’t seem reliable then the University College London research surely does. Genuine laughter is a great way to show someone that you like him and that you two are on the same wavelength. And remember one thing, genuine laughter does not only cure a multitude of ills. It also cures a multitude of broken hearts and souls looking for nourishment.

4. Wear your best clothes at all times.

Make sure that you dress well to make an impression each time you go out even if it’s just to do grocery shopping. Don’t forget that men are visual creatures. And you will manage to catch the attention of any man you want by simply looking your best, being well dressed and well polished.

5. Come out of your sexual shell.

Explore your sexuality, and once you learn to take the most of your sexual feelings and attractions, you will awaken your kundalini chakra (as the Buddhist philosophy says). It means activating the natural energy responsible for physical attraction and sensuality. This is an essential element that turns men on. If you don’t possess it, you can forget about even the slightest chance to make him fall in love with you. Learn how to rekindle sexual intimacy Here

6. Embrace your feminine side.

No man would like to see a woman moving around and talking like a man because, after all, men are supposed to be masculine and women are supposed to be feminine. So you’ve got to work on your behavior and habits, and embrace your feminine side. A feminine woman is what men adore. So you want to be that ideal woman for the man of your dreams.

7. Be a puzzle that every man wants to complete.

A mysterious woman is a puzzle that every true man wants to complete. But don’t confuse being mysterious with being overcomplicated. No man wants a woman who overthinks, overdoes and overreacts. Instead, let the man of your dreams solve your riddle and find his way to your heart.

8. Be optimistic. Not pessimistic.

Negative thoughts don’t attract any good into your life. Therefore, it may be the cause why the man of your dreams doesn’t feel attracted to you. If you really want to use the law of attraction to make him fall in love with you, you will want to be more optimistic, and less pessimistic. Change the pattern of your thoughts, and you will irradiate true joy and love for life.

9. Tell him what he wants to hear.

Men love compliments, too, even if it might sound surreal to you. Let’s be honest, men are rarely complimented! Yet there’s nothing better to a man than hearing the woman he likes, say that he looks good. So if you want to attract the man of your dreams into your life and make him fall in love with you, you know what you have to do.


Decoding male psychology isn’t an easy thing to do. But once you master the art of attraction, you will find a way to attract the man of your dreams into your life and make him fall in love with you. All the advices revealed in this article are designed to help you achieve your goals in love life and enter a long and fructuous relationship with the man you’ve always been yearning for to have by your side. 

All women will benefit from this 9-step guide. Whether it is to attract love into your life or make someone special fall in love with you, you will take great advantage from putting into practice the upper mentioned best 9 pieces of love advice.
Re-read it whenever needed, print and hang it on your vision board so that you can have a look at it on a regular basis to ensure you’re not deviating from your get-the-love-you-want plan.

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