How To Get Out Of a Guys Friendzone

How To Get Out Of a Guys Friendzone

It’s no surprise that many of us ladies have been in a position where crushes or secret loves steadfastly fail to reciprocate our feelings. While it might be more common for guys to find themselves in the friend-zone, often, we Ladies are also brushed into a position where we are introduced as mates and subjected to countless stories about ‘his’ Friday night conquests. Being in the friend-zone is unpleasant, hurtful and it can appear impossible to escape from. However, there are several tips and tricks which can help you get out of the friend-zone and into greener, more passionate pastures. How To Get Out Of The Friendzone


The Obvious

If you are feeling particularly brave and just want your crush to know where you stand, there is no easier way, than just telling him. Go up and explain to him how you feel and that you want some sort of relationship beyond just friendship. While you may bulk at such a direct confrontation, many guys will respect you for your forthrightness and remain intrigued and attracted to the confidence of such an action.

Subtle or Unsubtle Clues

160x600jPerhaps your crush is so oblivious to the outside world that he simply doesn’t register your feelings towards him. Extensive time spent between the two of you can numb his view of you as a prospective partner. If you spend less time with him and his friends and more time with him alone in romantic situations then he might start to see you in another light. Changing how you dress, your appearance and your confidence may help you get out of the friend-zone but, remember to always stay true to yourself. A big romantic gesture can be just the impetus he needs to realise the way you feel. However, tread with caution doing this as it is easy to push a guy away or even strength their opinion of you as a great friend.

Move On

There is nothing that will destroy your place in the friend-zone as fast as putting yourself out there in the dating pool. Enjoy yourself; flirt and spend your time with other guys and make your special someone realise what he has taken for granted all this time. Guys both love and hate seeing other men showing attraction with a girl they are close to and it causes an instinctual competitive streak to take control. Whether guys realize it or not, just showing you are wanted by other men can help illuminate his feelings for you.


If, after all your attempts have failed and your crush indicates that he is still uninterested in a relationship with you, there are several possible reasons: he is already committed to a relationship with someone else or perhaps he has some serious psychological hang-ups about relationships.

Being in the friend-zone is, essentially, a failed relationship. You will have much better luck and enjoyment cultivating a new relationship elsewhere than you will trying to salvage one as a friend. Therefore, the most effective way to get out of the friend-zone is to willfully leave it yourself.


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