How To Fix A Broken Marriage 10 Major Advice Every Couple Needs

 How To Fix A Broken Marriage10 Major Advice Every Couple Needs On How To Fix A Broken Marriage:

Marriages are meant to last forever. It is a life-long commitment to your spouse. The beginning stages of marriage could be very beautiful and not very challenging. Children set in, bills go up and it goes on and on.

Do you ever feel like your marriage is shaky? Maybe you look at your partner sometimes and cannot believe you got married to them in the first place.

How To Fix A Broken Marriage

Do you think the physical or emotional attraction has faded away? You wonder if you even want to fix the broken parts of the marriage at all.


There is no perfect marriage and a lot of the time we are quick to give up and stop fighting to make things right.

We find it really hard to admit our lack of knowledge and patience concerning marriage. In order to hide this “shame”, we move on quickly, leaving behind all that we hold dear.


Fixing a broken marriage is not easy, but it worth every try. The mere fact that you are concerned about saving your marriage shows how committed you are to your spouse and that is a good thing.

Even if your spouse might not be showing the same level of commitment as you are, there are a few steps you can take to fix your marriage gradually and have your spouse willing to commit again.


  • Acknowledge the issue

A lot of couples consciously avoid this because of pride or insecurity. It is time to sit with your spouse and talk about the problem. Is the passion fading?

Do you have pointless arguments frequently? Whatever it is, be open to accept that there is a problem and the marriage needs fixing.


  • Spend time together

Spending quality time with your spouse is necessary. A lot of marriages have issues simply because couples fail to spend quality time together.

Work schedules and domestic obligations could make this a quite difficult. Go out on dates together, at least once or twice a month (without the kids of course!) and reconnect. Intimate picnics and quiet nights out will help put your marriage back on track.

How To Fix A Broken Marriage

  • Remember your vows

All marriages have rocky patches but you need to stick it out. “For better or worse” is not just a phrase, it is a reality that you must face.

Understanding that every marriage has to weather the storms at one point or another will keep you motivated to make it through the bad times.


  • Your marriage is your priority

Yes, I agree that your job pays the bills but your job won’t keep you warm at night, neither will it be a shoulder for you to cry on. Invest in your relationship with your spouse.

Skip the unnecessary work hours and work functions. Or better still; take your spouse along with you on special work occasions.

If you are volunteering for some charity work, carry your partner along.

Find out their interests in doing charity work and encourage them to join you. Consolidate your marriage by doing meaningful things together.


  • Keep your marriage private

How To Fix A Broken Marriage Marriage is between two people and what goes on should be between those two people alone.

Privacy is one of the most important values in marriage. Stop talking to your family or friends about what goes on in your marriage. No matter the problem, settle it between you two and avoid involving third parties.

(Except it has to do with domestic violence and abuse. Then, should be reported to the right authority immediately).

Respect your spouse by having regards for their privacy!


  • Ignite the intimacy

Sexual intimacy is highly important if you are determined to make your marriage work. Establish a strong intimate relationship with your spouse.

Early morning hugs and kisses are a great way to start. Introduce new spice into your love making skills. Take time to study your spouse’s sexual preferences and give them a treat as frequent as you can.

Don’t wait till after dark to get intimate. There are a lot of options and try to be open to new adventure as often as you can.

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  • Talk

Communicating is not the same as complaining or nagging. Talk to your spouse about your needs. Let your spouse know where they are lacking in the marriage and where you feel needs improvements.

Talk about what’s on your mind and voice out your concerns about the marriage. It is wrong to just assume that your partner does not care when you have not made any decent attempts to talk.

How To Fix A Broken Marriage

  • Focus on yourself

Most times, you have to look into yourself in order to fix your marriage. Remember your faults and your negative contributions to your marriage as well.  Don’t put all the blame on your spouse because you’re not perfect either.

  • What have you done to make your spouse unhappy?
  • What is pleasurable about your marriage?
  • How did the romance fade?

Carefully consider these things because they will also help you determine if the marriage is worth saving at all.


  • Be involved

In marriage, absence does not make the heart grow fonder. In reality, absence separates couples and creates distance between them, even when they live in the same apartment! Your presence in your spouse’s life and vice versa determines how strong your marriage is and how long it will last.

  • Remember when you used to take each other on surprise dates?
  • When you paid him or her a surprise visit at work?

Being involved in each other’s lives is the ticket to getting your marriage back on track.  Interdependence is a key ingredient for fixing a broken marriage.


  • Forgive

Mistakes make up a large percent of what goes wrong in marriages. Everyone makes mistakes, it is only human. Look for forgiveness and solve the problems your marriage is facing. Forgive yourself and forgive your spouse (be Godly).

Apologize and accept your spouse’s apology. Holding grudges won’t fix a broken marriage. Forgiveness brings peace and that is what you need to move on from the past and look forward to a brighter future in your marriage.


  • Listen

Our spouses communicate to us in different ways. Most of the time we misinterpret and things get out of hand.

It could be through body language or real words. You need to learn to filter out the pain in their expressions and listen to what your spouse is trying to tell you.


“If need be, a marriage counselor could be an option but do not give up just yet”

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