How To Find And Attract A Good Man

How To Find And Attract A Good ManHow To Find And Attract a good Man

There is actually no assurance that the first man with a good job and a wonderful home that comes your way will be your knight in shining armor. However, you still need to keep your standards high, if you won’t be happy supporting a man financially in the future, never ever agree to do so even in a short run. Learn to stick to your non-negotiable decisions when it comes to keeping your standards high.

However the first point I’ll like to make when attracting a better man is you have to get rid of your own blinders. Be real with yourself. Are you eliminating dozens of potential suitors for superficial reasons? It is alright to have your own personal romantic preferences, but be certain you take them out of the closet and look them over a little before deciding on what is very important to you. Like does your man really have to be taller than you? These questions will help you dig into your own perceptions and expectations and think about who you happen to be getting rid of when you’re on a autopilot mode out in the world.Language of Desire

For you to meet your potential soul mate, you have to be more open minded, and you also have to expand your scope, widen the nets and appear available, accessible and approachable to more people. Now, let’s get straight down to business and make sure your own house is in order, so when a good catch swims by, you can stand out from the rest.

Get Rid Of The GamesHow To Find And Attract A Good Man

If there’s a piece of you that can’t get enough of the players of the world, you will need to hit the reset button. This is serious, because the best kind of man isn’t going to patient about being toyed with, and he’s not going to stick around for long if you’ve got multiple irons in the fire. If you want to attract a great man, STOP texting Multiple dudes at once and flirting with five more. Focus, set high standards for yourself, and give that good man a chance to get to know the real you.

Keep The Right Attitude And Values

wdmswI understand you want to fall in love with Prince Charming and you want to do so right away. If you’ve been let down in your past relationships it can be very tiring to keep trying and most especially tough to do so with good outlook. However it’s vital not to allow yourself to set up camp in Bitterville or Sarcasm-land. Most women who often get together to complain about their lives aren’t doing themselves any favors. Rather, they are cutting themselves off from possibilities by deciding that what they want isn’t even possible.No matter what you’ve heard, like attracts like. Find a way to maintain an open and patient attitude and a good man will show up.

Be Genuine

I know you’ve heard it before, Men find it very rejuvenating when a woman can be who she is, without trying to please or impress him too much. We all know when someone is being real or trying to fake authenticity, we can always feel the vibe in the air. Inauthenticity tends to feel anxious, stressed and awkward. Authenticity feels real. And real feels good. Just be yourself.

Always Pursue Your Own Interests Without The Objective Of Meeting A ManHow To Find And Attract a good Man

The happiest and most successful people you know are really into their work and interests, aren’t they? Hint: so are the men you want to meet and attract. Get to know them by finding out what makes you smile and doing more of it.

Focus on self-love

Self-love is the foundation, if you don’t have it, you aren’t going to find it with someone else. It’s important for you to practice feeling complete and content on your own. The misconception that a man will complete you will only leave you feeling disappointed, thereby leaving you desperately chasing after a man!


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How To Find And Attract a good Man

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