How To Prevent Divorce In Your Marriage When Everything Else Has Failed

How to Prevent DivorceHow To Prevent Divorce In Your Marriage When Everything Else Has Failed

It is never too late to turn things around and prevent a divorce. Your marriage could be falling apart and your relationship with your spouse is flat-lined. You may still live in the same house, but you’re sleeping in different rooms.

Maybe the idea of a divorce has come up once or more times. Or your partner could have already filed for a divorce. You feel hopeless and you want to save your marriage or stop a divorce.


Although, preventing a divorce could be tricky and confusing. It may take longer than you would expect and results won’t be by the day. But over a period of time, if you make certain positive changes to your relationship with your spouse, you will notice positive results in your marriage.

Saving your marriage from divorce is definitely tougher than it seems, but it is worth the try. Regardless of what might have gone wrong in the marriage there is still every possibility that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.


I need you to know that there is still hope. Your marriage may be fragile right now, but you can still beat the odds. If you think things are over between you and your spouse, well, guess again! I’ll be sharing a few tips to keep the nasty divorce papers out of your lives for good.


  • Be mentally and emotionally prepared

You must be ready to drop the “victim” role. Stop the frequent calling or texting, begging, spying and soliciting advice from friends and family.

Actions speak louder than words; therefore, you must be read to prove your determination to your spouse.

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  • Look good

Saving your marriage from a divorce does not end with only what’s on the inside. Taking care of your appearance will go a long way during this process.

Ditch the faded sweat pants and opt for other comfortable clothing that looks good instead. Change your hairstyle; add a little edge to your looks.

Physical appearance also involves healthy living. Eat right and exercise. Always keep your physical appearance in top shape. Looking your best will also help increase intimacy in your marriage.

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  • Friendship

A Relationship Coach and Marriage Expert, Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D., claimed that happiness is the key to marital success after 25 years of research in his book titled “How To Save Your Marriage”.

Showing love and affection to your spouse on a daily basis make room for enjoying each other’s company. Playing their favorite board game or video game is a great way to start.

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  • Get rid of the pain

Discover what led to resentments and what brought about bad emotions in your marriage. Have a heart to heart talk with your partner and realize points at which you both have gone wrong.

Misunderstandings, misperceptions, mistakes and other issues are a threat to your marriage when left unattended.

Couples are meant to learn from their mistakes not run from them. Use these misunderstandings to build a stronger and healthier bond between you and your partner.


  • Co-operate

Marriage is a co-operative relationship and you will not always have things your way. Listen to your spouse and try to be on the same page both emotionally and financially.

Lack of co-operation and partnership in marriages are part of the major causes that lead to divorce.

Manage your financial resources properly. You should know how much income your spouse makes so try not to put unnecessary finances on the budget.

Spending wisely regardless of who makes the most money is an important part of partnership in marriage. Frustrating your spouse financially will do no good.


You can encourage your spouse to aim higher in their career in better ways than making them believe what they make is not good enough.

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  • Time Management

It is healthy for couples to spend time together as well as apart. Do things together, especially those you both enjoy doing.

Participate in family and social functions together from time to time.

When you need alone time let your spouse know, whether you want to go to the spa or catch a ball game with your friends. Learn to give your spouse space to pursue their personal interests.


  • Accept your spouse

Everyone has good sides and bad sides. Learn to appreciate and manage both (especially the bad).

It is important to know your spouse’s bad sides but at the same time try not to focus on them. Always remind yourself of their good sides and the good memories they have given you.

You are wrong to compare your spouse to anyone else. Focus on their good parts and watch your marriage blossom. If you keep looking out for their bad sides, you will get it in excess.


  • Encourage your spouse

The last thing you want to do to spouse is to put them down or make them feel bad about themselves or their dreams and aspirations.

You should be your spouse’s personal cheerleader. Be the support and positivity your spouse needs. Stop engaging in conversations that lead to arguments.

Do not drop comments that will leave negative thoughts in your spouse’s mind.

Engage your spouse in conversations that will allow them open up to you about their future plan and goals. Show your support and give them the hope they need at all times.


  • Strengthen the bond

Shower your spouse with love and affection. Tell them sweet things about themselves and let them be reminded how much they are cherished.

Put your spouse’s emotional needs first, including their material needs. Strengthening the bond will take a while but be patient and consistent.

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  • Seek help

Seeking a marriage counsellor or therapist will help you work through the problems. The therapist will serve as a neutral adviser and will provide listening ears for both parties.

A therapist will give neutral solutions and guidance on improving your marriage.

Group therapy is also something to try because it introduces couples that are experiencing similar problems in their marriage.

Couples in group therapy are able to use practical methods that may have worked for other couples.


  • Trial separation

This is a period where a couple decides to separate temporarily for the sake of the marriage. During this time frame, each spouse is expected to examine their emotions and understand the impact of being away from each other.

Although trial separation has advantages and disadvantages, it is worth the try especially in cases where there is a mutual understanding to stay apart. If kids are involved, help them understand the ongoing situation.


In the end, it is up to you two to decide if the trial separation had positive or negative effects on keeping your marriage.


Good luck!

P.S.  In your Experience tell me what’s your thoughts are on this topic? how did it happen for you? i always love a good success story

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